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Signal Booster


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How It Works

So how does a cell phone signal booster work? The main aim of the device is to carry and amplify an existing cell signal, which is commonly found outside your home or office, and send it to an area which has a weak perception or lacks it completely. The installation of a gsm signal booster is utterly easy and will require only 15 minutes from your precious time. There are two quick and simple steps you should follow in order to successfully set your booster up.

2 step set up

1. All it takes you is to locate the outdoor antenna exactly there where you want to have quality perception unit and then connect it to the device by means of the long cable that we have attached to the product.

2. Speaking of the indoor antenna, you attach it to the booster and last but not least, plug the device into the power outlet closest to it. You are finished, enjoy the smooth network signal.

Additional information

Where do you need to BOOST SIGNAL?

Home, Office, Hotel, Boat

How large is the area you need to cover?

Apartment (up to 150 sqm), Small Home (200-300 sqm), Medium Home (300-400 sqm), Large Home (Up to 600 sqm), Overlarge Home (Up to 1000 sqm), Small Office (Up to 150 sqm), Medium Office (Up to 300 sqm), Large Office (Up to 600 sqm), Overlarge Office (Up to 1000 sqm), Small Hotel (Up to 600 sqm), Large Hotel (Up to 1000 sqm), Small Boat (Up to 150 sqm), Big Boat (Up to 300 sqm)